Lull Hits a Home Run With Its Memory Foam Mattress

Shopping for a mattress has never been easier, even if it can feel complicated at certain times. Having so many options makes things a little more complex than in the past, but the convenience of being able to read up and order online should not be overlooked.

Fortunately, there are a few mattresses that deliver pretty much everything the average buyer will want or need. As those who learn more online at this page will see, the Lull mattress has rapidly become recognized as one of the best choices for most.

A Mattress That Checks All the Boxes

Some mattresses now available online excel at serving certain types of sleepers. Others are much more generally suitable and appealing, and the Lull mattress fits clearly into this latter camp.

Reviewers have consistently praised the Lull mattress for being an especially well rounded choice with no obvious weaknesses. Some of the features that most often attract positive attention include its:

  • Three layer design. Most mattresses based around memory foam confine themselves to two basic layers. The uppermost level is normally made of highly conformant memory foam, while a thick serving of much stiffer open-cell foam forms a foundation below. The Lull mattress’s designers decided that adding a transitional layer would make more sense, and the results seem to support them. The intermediate piece included in the Lull mattress improves both support and comfort, while also contributing to motion isolation. As a result, the Lull tends to be more suitable to couples than many other memory foam mattresses.
  • Pricing. There are now many affordable mattresses on the market, but those with unique designs and special features tend to cost quite a bit more. The Lull mattress breaks with tradition in this respect, as well, delivering its proprietary design and other features at a truly mass market price.

A Mattress Few Will Take Issue With

Even if the Lull mattress will not necessarily bowl buyers over in any particular way, it is so well rounded and designed that just about everyone should find it appealing. That has helped Lull’s flagship product quickly become one of the most frequently recommended and best reviewed mattresses available online.